Factory Process for Bag Producton

For over 16 years, we have relentlessly pursued perfection in every facet of our manufacturing process.
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Pre-Production Process Explained

Before diving into mass production, we prioritize precision and clarity. We begin by confirming design and requirements with you. Once aligned, we craft a tangible sample for your review. Only upon your final approval, ensuring the design meets your expectations, do we proceed with full-scale production.


Direct Saving


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Paper Pattern Cutting & 

Knife Molds Customization

In our initial phase, we use advanced machinery for precise paper pattern cutting, ensuring a blueprint for the design. Following this, we customize knife molds tailored to specific designs, promoting consistent and efficient production.

Fabric Printing & Cutting

For vivid designs, we utilize cutting-edge machines for precise fabric printing, ensuring vibrant and durable patterns. Subsequently, our advanced equipment ensures exact and consistent cuts, streamlining the bag's production process.
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Logo & Branding

Depending on the client's preferences, logos are either embossed, printed, embroidered, or attached as a separate badge. Our techniques ensure the branding remains vivid and durable throughout the life of the bag.


With all components ready, the sewing process commences. Our skilled artisans stitch together the cut fabric, incorporating zippers, clasps, and other hardware. Every seam and every stitch is executed with precision, ensuring the bag's longevity and durability.
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Quality Inspection

No bag leaves our floor without a thorough quality check. Each product is meticulously examined for any flaws, inconsistencies, or deviations from the design. Only those that meet our stringent quality standards move on to the next phase.

Packing & Shipping

Once approved, each bag is packed with care, ensuring it retains its shape and remains undamaged during transit. Orders are then dispatched using reliable shipping partners, complete with tracking information for the client's peace of mind.

After-Sales Support

We pride ourselves on maintaining relationships with our clients long after the sale. Should any issues or queries arise, our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to assist.

Make DHGBAG Your Ideal Business Partner

Choosing DHGBAG is more than just a business decision; it's a strategic partnership. From the inception of your brand vision to its realization in the market, we walk beside you at every juncture. 
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