One-stop Solution

At DHGBAG, we're not just manufacturers; we're innovators and collaborators.

OEM Services

Our OEM approach is about bringing your vision to life. Provide us with your specifications, designs, and requirements, and we'll handle the manufacturing, ensuring every product aligns perfectly with your brand and standards.

ODM Services

Our OEM approach is about bringing your vision to life. Provide us with your specifications, designs, and requirements, and we'll handle the manufacturing, ensuring every product aligns perfectly with your brand and standards.

Customization Options

By choosing DHGBAG, you're partnering with a team dedicated to excellence, innovation, and customization. Whether you're aiming to replicate a design with precision or seeking to introduce a novel product to the market, we're here to make it a reality.

01 Fabric

Material Diversity for Custom Bags
At DHGBAG, our extensive material collection sets the foundation for creating unparalleled custom bags tailored to your market's desires. Recognizing the diverse demands of today's consumers, we're equipped to procure specialized materials on request. Whether sustainable options like biodegradable materials or eco-conscious choices like RPET fabrics. What's more, the functionality of fabrics like Waterproofing, Flame-Retardant, Oil-Proof, Anti-UV, Anti-Bacterial, Stain-Resistant, etc. is also optional. Our commitment is to align with your product vision and the evolving expectations of the market.
cotton 300x225px


towel 300x225px


teddy 300x225px


sherpa 300x225px


polyester 300x225px


canvas 300x225px


nylon 300x225px


mesh 300x225px


synthetic leather 300x225px

Synthetic Leather

suede fabric 300x225px

Suede Fabric

tyvek paper 300x225px

Tyvek Paper

nonwoven 300x225px

Non-woven Felt

02 Color

Tailored Color Solutions for Every Need
With the use of Pantone Coated color references – the global standard in color communication – we ensure precision in every hue we deliver. To guarantee the utmost satisfaction and accurate color representation, we strongly advise our clients to request a print sample or a pre-production bag sample. This ensures that the final product matches your envisioned color.
pantone color 600x300px

03 Pattern

Elevate Your Custom Bags with Distinctive Imprint
With DHGBAG, every imprint becomes a statement, a mark of quality, precision, and creativity. We ensure that your chosen patterns and designs are reflected with utmost clarity and vibrancy.
digital printing 300x225px

Digital Printing

screen printing 300x225px

Screen Printing

sublimation printing 300x225px

Sublimation Printing

heat transfer printing 300x225px

Heat-transfer Printing

laser printing 300x225px

Laser Printing

gold foil 300x225px

Gold Foil

rubber printing 300x225px

Rubber Printing

embroidery 300x225px


04 Accessories

Subtle Embellishments and Functional Additions
At DHGBAG, we offer a wide range of high-quality bag accessories that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also elevate functionality.
zipper 300x225px


Material & Color & Puller Logo
strap 300x225px


Material & Width & Logo
buckle 300x225px

Buckle & Hardware

Material & Color & Size

05 Logo

Mastering the Art of Bag Branding
At DHGBAG, we offer a curated array of logo printing techniques that ensure your bag brand shines distinctively and leaves a lasting impression.
pu patch 300x225px

PU Patch

silicone patch 300x225px

Silicone Patch

metal patch 300x225px

Metal Patch

fabric patch 300x225px

Fabric Patch

woven label 300x225px

Woven Label

debossed 300x225px


webbing 300x225px


zipper puller 300x225px

Zipper Puller

06 Packaging

Extension of Your Brand Narrative
With DHGBAG, you receive more than just meticulously crafted custom bags. We also provide distinctive branded packaging, ensuring that when your bags arrive, they're not only protected but also retail-ready and primed to impress.
polybag 390x292px


Material & Size
Biodegradable materials available.
hangtag 390x292px


Material & Design & Shape
Show your brand culture in details.
sticker 390x292px


Material & Design & Shape
Economical way to reflect your brand.
shipping box 390x292px

Shipping Box

Design & Shape & Size
Cooperate with experienced gift box factories.

Make DHGBAG Your Ideal Business Partner

Choosing DHGBAG is more than just a business decision; it's a strategic partnership. From the inception of your brand vision to its realization in the market, we walk beside you at every juncture. 
Dedication to Unparalleled Quality
Bespoke One-stop Solutions Tailored to Your Vision
Direct Savings from Our Efficient Supply Chain Excellence
SA 8000; BSCI; ISO9001; ISO14001; BRC; Green Leaf Certifications

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